スクエア写真"Living Design SQUARE awase" consists of three different interior shops.
Each has particular concepts and offers various kinds of designs, qualities, prices, which satisfies customers' various lifestyles and needs.

THE GRACE handles interior items which add charm to your room.
Staff offers total coordination of interior including curtains, accessories, and furniture.

maxplus is a home furnishig store that offers well-designed and useful interior items, houseplants, food & drinks, and light furniture.

TODAY O!K allows customers to bring items to their homes and use them today.
This store handles a wide range of low-priced furniture.

-Other fascilities-
KIDS HOUSE is a day nursery. Customers can leave their children in the safety of KIDS HOUSE up to two hours for free while shopping.
SOUP SOUP is a cafe where you can enjoy eight kinds of soups and organic herb teas.
maxplus cafe offers you various kinds of smoothies and original sweets!



3-20-1, Yogi, Okinawa-city
HOURS: 10:30 - 20:00 365days
FREE PARKING: 600 cars

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